Instruction Manual

            Classic Digital LCD Automatic Aerosol Dispenser


Model: 106

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice

General Functions

Push down the top ball and open the front cover, you will see 7 pcs colorful buttons: (From left to right)

1.     RESET

It can clear away precious function setting and programs, then reset new desired programs

2.     SPRAY (Ensure the spray nozzle away from your face and eyes)

Push this button, the unit will spray 1 time immediately to test the working condition

3.     MODE

The following mode will appear on the LCD display when push this button:


4.     WEEK

You can set week by pushing it

5.     HOUR

You can set hour by pushing it

6.   MIN

You can set minute by pushing it

7.   ON/OFF

Set the unit power on or off. Push this button, you can set the unit power ON or power FF.

Please note: Push this button, the LCD will display “ON”, the LED will flash green and red color 3 times each, then unit spray 1 time and enter into normal working condition; Push this button again, the LCD will display “OFF”, the unit is power off, but LCD also display time.


LED Indicator

When the unit working normally, the LED will flash green color, when the LED flash red, it means the unit already spray 3000 times and aerosol will finish, and mind you to replace new refill can.

LCD Display

The LCD display time normally, when it display a battery pattern on the bottom left corner, it means the batteries low capacity, then need to replace new batteries.



1.     Set start and stop time of spray

Push MODE button, when START appears on the LCD, then push HOUR and MIN buttons to set start time;

Push MODE button again, when STOP appears on the LCD, push the HOUR and MIN buttons to set stop time.

2.     Check the times of spray and reset

Push MODE button, when SPRAY appears on the LCD, the total spray times will also appear on the LCD; Generally, a refill can can spray 3000 times totally. If you want to clear the spray times display away on the LCD, continuously press the ON/OFF button twice (Operate it when replace new aerosol can)

3.     Set spray interval

Push the MODE button, when INTERVAL appears on the LCD, push the MIN button and set the interval time to your need, any spray interval time within 1-60 minutes can be selected.

4.     Set weekend working

Push the MODE button, when WEEK appears on the LCD display, then push the WEEK button to set the weekend working or not, there are 2 working cycles to choose: (Unit work from Monday to Friday) (Unit work from Monday to Sunday)



5.     Set the time and the week:

Push the MODE button, when CLOCK appears on the LCD, push the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the correct time; Then push the WEEK button to set the week.



Construction: ABS

Dimension: H 233 W 80 D 85 mm

Unit weight: 480 g

Controlled by digital micro-controller

Spray interval: 1-60 minutes free selected

Batteries: 2 x D size batteries (3V)

Aerosol: Perfume, disinfectant ect



1. Insert the special key into right side hole, turn to OPEN place, then take out the lock with the key.

2. Push the ball on the top of unit, then open the front cover.

3.   Hold the backplate to the wall and mark the hole positions, then drill for the screws and plugs provided and fit the dispenser to the wall.



It is recommended that the unit be installed high on the wall (above 2.0 m) to avoid the sprayed aerosol coming into contact with passers-by and to the reduce the risk of vandalism, Ensure that space is available above the dispenser to allow access for front cover opening.



1.    The dispenser body: 1 unit

2.    The key and lock: 1 set

3.    The fix screws: 3 pcs

4.    The expanding plugs: 2 pcs


5.    The instruction Manual: 1pc